Artemisia (アルテミシア, Arutemishia) is a Persona from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. She is Mitsuru Kirijo's Ultimate Persona.


Artemisia is based on Artemisia of Caria, an actual ruler from the ancient west region of Asia Minor, who served as queen after the death of her husband, Lygdamis, continuing his legacy. She became an advisor to Xerxes, the Persian Lord at the time and formed an alliance with him in a war with the Greeks. She is famous for her participation in the Battle of Salamis, where she survived being captured by sinking her own ship and therefore formed an escape route. Then she came back to Xerxes and convinced him to retreat. Nevertheless, the Persians were astonished by her battle tactic and praised her to be a valiant ally. There is also another ruler with the same name, who built the Mausoleum of Maussollos. Even though there was never any statement of which one serves as the main concept for her creation in the game, the latter never participated in any historical battle.

Unlike most Personas in the series who are based on myths and legends, Artemisia, along with Lucia and Caesar, are a few examples of those based on historical figures. Further, while Lucia is a Catholic saint and Caesar was treated as a god, Artemisia was not believed to be supernatural.


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