Batmobile New 52
Franchise DC Universe (Batman)
Debut Detective Comics #27
Type Automobile

The Batmobile is Batman's personal automobile and primary mode of transportation. It has appeared in almost every Batman iteration, including comics, movies, and television and has since gone on to be a part of pop culture.


  • Closed circuit television
  • Handset with direct hotline to police headquarters
  • Direction Finder equipment
  • Spare Batman and Robin costumes and utility belts
  • Gas masks and breathing apparatus
  • Dashboard radar
  • Emergency searchlights
  • Traveling crime-lab
  • Built-in sonic range finder
  • Portable first-aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Short-wave police radio with microphone
  • Geiger Counter
  • Traveling research files
  • Cloth tool bag with tools
  • Asbestos costumes
  • Grappling equipment
  • Whirly-Bats
  • Inflatable rubber rafts
  • Smoke screen devices
  • Microscope
  • Emergency Dashboard JLA signal
  • Sound-distinguishing Bat-tector
  • Hydraulic impact absorbers
  • Diplomatic license plates (immune to normal traffic regulations)


  • The Golden Age Batman initially drove a red 1936 Cord with no special modifications. In later issues, he developed his first genuine Batmobile, a modified, blue two-door sedan with scalloped vertical tailfins and a bat-shaped ornament protecting the front grille.
  • The Batmobile made its first cover appearance with Batman #20.

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