Daily Planet
Franchise DC Universe
Nationality Usa U.S.A.
Type Daily Newspaper

The Daily Planet is a daily newspaper of Metropolis inside DC Universe. Superman works there in his civilian identity as Clark Kent, along with fellow reporter Lois Lane, photographer Jimmy Olsen, business editor Lana Lang and editor-in-chief Perry White.


  • Alice White - intern
  • Bill Stoker (Pre-Crisis)
  • Bob Harley - investigative reporter
  • Bostwick - reporter
  • Brad Hunter (Pre-Crisis)
  • Bratten
  • Briscoe - staff member
  • Bruce Wayne - owner
  • Cat Grant - gossip columnist
  • Clark Kent - investigative reporter
  • Connie
  • Ed Byrnes - former managing editor; later night time editor
  • Freddy Jones (Pre-Crisis)
  • Jack - cameraman
  • James McCullough - former city editor
  • Janice Denton - Features editor
  • Jimmy Olsen - photo-journalist
  • John Corben - reporter (Pre-Crisis only)
  • Joyce - staff member
  • Justin - intern
  • Lana Lang - Business Editor
  • Lois Lane - investigative reporter
  • Lex Luthor - former owner
  • Marilyn - secretary
  • Meg
  • Pete Cromwell (Pre-Crisis)
  • Perry White - managing editor
  • Ron Troupe - reporter
  • Schuman
  • Steve Lombard - the editor of the Sports section
  • Tom Weaver (Pre-Crisis)
  • Vern
  • Whit - staff member


  • One of the Daily Planet's major stockholders is Bridwell Communications. Bridwell is named after DC editor, E. Nelson Bridwell.
  • In the 31st century, there's a newsfeed called "Daily Planets".


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