Eliza Masters
1419718-eliza masters super
Name Eliza Masters
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 104 lbs (47.2 kg)
Homeworld Usa U.S.A.
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blond
Weapon(s) None
Mimic fighting style of Geese Howard (M.U.G.E.N)
Debut Street Fighter II
English Voice Actor Toni Burke (SFII Movie)
Caitlin Glass (SFIV)
Japanese Voice Actor Hiromi Tsuru (SFII Movie)
Miyuki Sawashiro (SFIV)

Eliza Masters is the wife of Ken Masters. As Ken's win quote vs. Guile in Street Fighter IV reveals, she is also Guile's sister-in-law, as he's married to her older sister Julia.


Ken is searching for Ryu, having recently won the first "World Warrior" tournament in the events of the original Street Fighter. In Ken's ending in the original Street Fighter Alpha, he defeats Ryu and heads back to America, where he meets his future girlfriend Eliza. She makes an impression on him, and not just with her nice looks; as soon as she approaches him, she cheerfully asks him "You fight well, but what are you fighting for? Money, fame, the attention?"; Ken replies that he's fighting to defeat "a certain man", and that he won't stop until he does so, and then a pleased Eliza tells him her name.

In Street Fighter II, Ken goes to fight in the SF tournament and leaves Eliza at home. When she hears that he has reached quite the high position in the tournament, she flies to Thailand to watch him. At some point she goes to greet him, much to his surprise (featured in Ken's ending); they get married soon afterwards.

In the Street Fighter IV OVA: The Ties That Bind, an Eliza who has just found out that she's pregnant but hasn't told Ken still, is captured by C. Viper in order to lure Ryu in for Seth. In the end, Ken manages to rescue her in one piece and she tells him that he's going to be a father, but unfortunately, during the escape, she saw Seth's brutal beating of Ryu.

In the Street Fighter IV games Eliza's feature in Ken's prologues and endings: she is now heavily pregnant, but when Ken hesitates about joining the new Street Fighter tournament for her safety, she tells him to go anyway because she's still not due, and she knows he needs to check on Ryu's well-being too. Their child is born in Ken's Super Street Fighter IV ending.

Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact (released in 1997), which takes place years after Street Fighter II and Street Fighter IV, features the older Ken and Eliza, who have a son with her named Mel. Mel obviously wishes to follow in his father's footsteps.


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