Name Firebrand
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Homeworld Demon Village
Race Red Arremer
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color N/A
Weapon(s) Claws, fangs, various demonic powers
Debut Ghosts 'n Goblins
Voiced by N/A

Firebrand the Red Arremer, is a fictional character who appears in the Ghosts 'n Goblins series of games. He even starred in his own spinoff trilogy. He will stand up to any threat posed to his home, the Demon Village, without any fear. Firebrand is considered to be an elite warrior among the Red Arremers, gaining him hero status among his peers.


A member of the Red Arremer race of demon gargoyles, Firebrand is considered a hero among his people for the deeds he has commited under the command of the demon Astaroth. He is called the "Red Blaze" due to his control over fire magic.

As a young Red Arremer, Firebrand embarked on a journey to stop his home dimension of the Makai from being destroyed by the undead king of destruction, Breager. He collected magical artifacts while trying to reach his enemy, making him more powerful each time. After winning a magic candle from Lucifer, Firebrand became one of the most powerful of his species, and defeated Breager. Breager is resurrected twice after this, but Firebrand always kills him again.

Due to his alliegances, Firebrand can be considered an enemy of Arthur, although it is likely the two have never personally met. However, Arthur has fought many Red Arremers while trying to save his princess.

The Legacy of FirebrandEdit

  • Gargoyle's Quest (1990)
  • Super Ghosts 'n Goblins (1991)
  • Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness (1992)
  • Demon's Crest (1994)
  • Arthur to Astaroth no Nazo Makimura: Incredible Toons (1996)
  • Makaimura for WonderSwan (1999)


Firebrand is a red, gargoyle-like demon with wings that have spikes portruding from the top. His wings are dark blue with a silver lining. He wears silver bands on his wrists and ankles. His hands and feet have powerful claws, and he has sharp teeth in his mouth. His pointy ears extend upward.


Firebrand is evil, yet may have some good within him. His evil cackling shows his love for hurting others, and he gladly serves the devil Astaroth without any moral problems. However, he has shown heroism when defeating Breager, though this may have been out of patriotism for his home dimension, and may not have known he was saving other dimensions such as Earth from Breager's wrath. If Breager had attacked Earth, Firebrand may not have intervened.

Theme SongEdit






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