SSF4 genart
Name Gen
Height 5'5" (166 cm)
Weight 134 ½ lbs (61 kg)
Homeworld China China
Race Human
Eye Color Black (in first Street Fighter)


Hair Color White
Black (in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li)
Weapon(s) Crane/Mantis fighting style
Debut Street Fighter
English Voice Actor Michael Sorich
Japanese Voice Actor Wataru Takagi (SFA series)

Youhei Tadano (SFIV)

Gen is a playable character in the Street Fighter series. He is a Chinese martial arts master and former assassin who uses legendary fighting techniques.


The Legacy of GenEdit

  • Street Fighter (1987)
  • Street Fighter Alpha 2 (1996-2010)
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 (1998)
  • Street Fighter IV (2008-2009)
    • Super Street Fighter IV (2010-2011)
    • Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014)


Gen is an elderly man who often has a stern look on his face. He wears a purple outfit and has a red sash around his clothes, and wears red Chinese martial art shoes with white socks. He has white hair and has a long white beard. In the original Street Fighter, he had black pupils in his eyes. In his more recent incarnations, his appearance has changed considerably, as his eyes are now completely white in color, showing neither visible irises nor red veins.

Prior to his recent appearance in Street Fighter IV, Gen had short hair. In the Street Fighter IV games, his hair has grown much longer, and he now bears a strong resemblance to the martial arts master Pai Mei from Kill Bill: Volume 2.


Gen is a silent, precise and wise man who takes fighting very seriously and prefers to take on formidable, honorable fighters, such as Akuma and Ryu. He also has a tendency to muse over death, likely due in part to his condition.

Theme SongEdit



  • Gen, Adon and Sagat are the only characters who describe Oni as a deity or a god.





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