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George Newbern
is an American television and film actor best known for his roles as Bryan MacKenzie in Father of the Bride (1991) and its sequel Father of the Bride Part II as well as Danny (The Yeti) in Friends. He is also well known for providing the voices of Superman from the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series, as well as Nooj and Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy series and the Kingdom Hearts series. He is also known for having appeared in Saw VI.



  • Ben 10: Alien Force (2008)- Frank Tennyson (1 episode)
  • Boston Legal (2004)- Dr. Allen Konigsberg (1 episode)
  • Cold Case (2006)- Bill Huxley (1979) (1 episode)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2004)- Dr. Todd Coombs (1 episode)
  • Friends (1998)- Danny (3 episodes)
  • Justice League (2001-2004)- Clark Kent/Superman
  • Justice League Unlimited (2004-2006)- Clark Kent/Superman, Bizarro, Evil Star
  • Static Shock (2003)- Clark Kent/Superman
  • The Batman (2007-2008)- Clark Kent/Superman (4 episodes)

Video GamesEdit

  • Final Fantasy X-2 (2003)- Nooj
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)- Superman
  • Kingdom Hearts II (2006)- Sephiroth

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