Name Robert Bruce Banner
Height 5' 9" (as Banner)
8'7" (as Hulk)
Weight 128 lbs (58 kg) (as Banner)
1150 lbs (521 kg) (as Hulk)
Homeworld Usa U.S.A.
Race Human (Mutated)
Eye Color Brown (as Banner)
Green (as Hulk)
Hair Color Brown (as Banner)
Green (as Hulk)
Weapon(s) Fists
Debut The Incredible Hulk #1 (Comics)
The Marvel Super Heroes (TV Show)
Questprobe (Video Game)
Voiced by Fred Tatasciore (Most media)
Travis Willingham (Marvel Super Hero Squad)

Hulk is a superhero from Marvel Comics and the main protagonist from The Avengers series and his own series.


The Legacy of HulkEdit

  • Questprobe (1984)
  • Marvel Super Heroes (1995)
  • Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems (1996)
  • Hulk (2003)
  • The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (2005)
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006-2007)
  • The Incredible Hulk (2008)
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)
  • Marvel: Avengers Alliance (2012-2013)
  • Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth (2012)
  • Marvel Heroes (2013)


While in human form, Bruce Banner is a scrawny, weak looking individual. He has brown hair and wears large glasses. When angered, he transforms into the Hulk. The Hulk is a large, green creature with absurdly large muscles. He is usually wearing only ripped, purple shorts, but he has been seen in comics wearing a torn labcoat also. There are other versions than just the normal green Hulk; there is a Red Hulk, Gray Hulk and so on.

In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Hulk's costumes include a lighter-green version of him wearing lighter-purple ripped shorts (derived from the classic version of Hulk), the Gray Hulk wearing blue shorts, the Red Hulk wearing black shorts, an olive green-looking Hulk with glowing orange veins and faded purple pants, the black-spotted Blue Hulk wearing white shorts and a Planet Hulk attired-Hulk with a lot of armor.

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