Name I-No
Height 5'4" (165 cm)
Weight 101 lbs (46 kg)
Homeworld Unknown
Race Human, possibly a Witch
Eye Color Cyan
Hair Color Black
Weapon(s) Marlene, living hat
Debut Guilty Gear X
English Voice Actor Tara Platt
Japanese Voice Actor Kikuko Inoue

I-No is a playable character from Guilty Gear series, making her first appearance as a boss of the third game, Guilty Gear XX; unlike bosses in previous games, she is freely playable from the start. She is a servant of That Man. Very little is known about her; in fact, her profile in Guilty Gear XX consists entirely of "UNKNOWN!!" repeated several times over. Information given thus far is also somewhat unclear as to the nature and origin of her hat, which resembles a witch's hat and seems to be animate. She also seems to derive pleasure from tormenting other characters, especially Dizzy.


The Legacy of I-NoEdit

  • Guilty Gear XX (2002-2003)
    • Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload (2003-2008)
    • Guilty Gear XX Slash (2005-2007)
    • Guilty Gear XX Λ Core (2006-2008)
    • Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus (2008-2012)
    • Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus R (2012-2013)
  • Guilty Gear Isuka (2004-2006)
  • Guilty Gear Dust Strikers (2006-2007)
  • Guilty Gear: Judgment (2006)
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- (2014)


I-no has black hair in a bob cut, and has red lips and a mole on her right cheek. I-no wears a red witch hat that has a skull face on it. She wears black leather choker around her neck with a gold ring that is connected to her shoulderless red jacket that she can easily take off and put on. She has a red mini skirt and thigh high heel boots with black panties underneath as seen during some of her attacks. Despite having green eyes in her artworks, her profiles state that her eyes change color "depending on the angle", and are said to be multi-colored.


I-No is a sadistic and manipulative woman who seems to act without conscience. Thus, she has no qualms about hurting other people (physically or mentally). She is dedicated — or so the audience is led to believe — to That Man's goals and ideals, to the point where she altered reality at least once to make his objectives possible, though it is never entirely made clear what the former are. She is somewhat crude in how she speaks to others, as she is always either cursing, insulting her opponents, or making sexually charged comments, usually using musical references as double entendres.

Theme SongEdit

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R OST - KAGEMATSURI03:09

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R OST - KAGEMATSURI

I-No's theme song is "Kagematsuri" from Guilty Gear XX.



  • I-No's voice actress, Inoue Kikuko, is known for her motherly and angelic roles.
  • Though I-No time travels, she doesn't meet her past self, unlike Axl and Sol.




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