Name Juri Han
Height 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight 101 lbs (46 kg)
Homeworld Korean flag South Korea
Race Human
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Black
Weapon(s) Tae Kwan Do
Feng Shui Engine
Debut Super Street Fighter IV
English Voice Actor Jessica Straus
Japanese Voice Actor Eri Kitamura

Juri Han (Japanese: ハン・ジュリ / Korean: 한주리/ 韓蛛俐) is a character in the Street Fighter series. She made her debut in Super Street Fighter IV, where she is a main character in the storyline. She is 25 years old (as of Super Street Fighter IV) and is described as a somewhat mean and nasty member of S.I.N.


The Legacy of JuriEdit

  • Super Street Fighter IV (2010-2011)
    • Ultra Street Fighter IV (2014)


Juri wears a purple dudou (a form of Chinese underwear) on her chest supported with eight straps that meet on her back, forming a spider pattern. She wears long, baggy, off-white colored trousers and purple tights, and long, fingerless gloves. Her fingernails and toenails are painted bright pink. She has dark hair styled into two horn-like bangs at the top of her head, which appear to be fastened with pink ribbons. She wears Taekwondo foot wraps on her bare feet.


Juri fights purely for the thrill of the battle; unlike Ryu, who seeks meaning, her drive is more vengeful, as she likes inflicting pain on her foes. She has some femme fatale elements, as she makes provocative and suggestive remarks toward her enemies; as well seen in her win quotes, she also betrays her work partners for her own plans. She possesses a strong, sensual figure, but is a cunning and somewhat sadistic fighter with an urge to cause destruction to her most hated enemies.

Juri is a cold, calculating person, callous to her foes at times, and treats her allies as pawns if needed. This behavior is typically likened to that of a female "spider", as partially indicated by her costume. Despite this, she will give her opponents a chance to flee or leave, and only fights when she has to, meaning that she has a small sense of honor; during her mission (which took place during the events of Super Street Fighter IV), she left a young boy alive.

Theme SongEdit

Her theme is from Super Street Fighter IV.


  • Juri is the first Korean character created by Capcom.
  • There were hundreds of concept designs for Juri, including an overweight version and one that used mixed martial arts.
  • Her Shikusen has follow up moves called "Second Impact" and "Third Strike", a reference to the Street Fighter III sub series.
  • Yoshinori Ono commented that Capcom faced some criticism over Juri 's appearance. Fan reaction to Juri in South Korea, her home country, has been less than positive. *Critics claim, among other complaints, that Juri looks too much like Chun-Li and shares similar moves.





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