Kazuma Kuvaru
Kazuma Kuvaru




Artifical human

Hair Color



BlazBlue: Phase Shift 1

Kazuma Kuvaru is the protagonist of BlazBlue novel; Phase Shift 0.


Suffering from amnesia and hallucinations, Kazuma is unable to remember anything seven years prior (to the start of Phase Shift 1). He disliked physical activities, and preferred to stay in-doors reading. With Relius Clover (his tutor at the time), he apparently traveled the world, then studied at the Magic Guild. Apparently, due to being quiet and disliking the outdoors, some people become uneasy around him, however, he and Trinity Glassfield shared a close relationship that is implied to have been romantic.

In truth, Kazuma was actually a body created by Relius for Yūki Terumi to fuse with (after he was damaged by the Black Beast before the Dark War). During Phase Shift 1, he and Terumi meet, and end up fusing close to the end, with Kazuma's body becoming what is now known as Hazama.


Being created in the likeness of Terumi, Kazuma bears a strong resemblance to him, except his bangs hang over his eyes. He wears a standard Magic Guild uniform with a purple ribbon tie and a black cape, along with a matching pair of black pants. He has a very pale complexion.


He was a kind, curious, and sometimes weird person. His personality is exactly the opposite of Terumi's, but they share the same hobbies.



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