Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert is an American actress and voice actress. She first gained prominence as a child actress on television for her role as Claudia Salinger in the television drama Party of Five (1994-2000). She has also provided the voice of Eliza Thornberry in The Wild Thornberrys TV show (1998-2004) and two feature films, and Meg Griffin during the first production season of the animated sitcom Family Guy. In film she has appeared in Lost in Space (1998), Not Another Teen Movie (2001), Daddy Day Care (2003), and as Gretchen Wieners in the movie Mean Girls (2004).



  • Anastasia (1997)- Young Anastasia
  • Daddy Day Care (2003)- Jenny
  • Rugrats Go Wild (2003)- Eliza Thornberry

TV ShowsEdit

  • Bratz (2005-2006)- Kaycee
  • Robot Chicken (2013)- Carly Shay
  • The Drew Carey Show (2002)- Grace
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008-2009)- Gwen Stacy
  • Young Justice (2011)- Zatanna

Direct to VideoEdit

  • The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998)- Young Vitani

Video GamesEdit

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013)- Zatanna
  • Nicktoons Racing (2001)- Eliza Thornberry
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)- Princess Elise
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011)- Mako

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