Franchise Guilty Gear
Debut Guilty Gear X
Type System/Guardian

Necro is one of Dizzy's two sentient wings. The other is Undine.


After falling 20,000 feet off of the Mayship from an attack by I-No, Dizzy suffered great trauma to her head, knocking her out, and allowing Necro to take control of her body, showing that it is possible for Necro and Undine to possess Dizzy if she is at least knocked out. After laying waste to several characters, Dizzy is finally 'cured' by Faust.


Normally, Necro is a simple green wing upon Dizzy's back, but he can shapeshift into various other forms, one of them is the form most recognize him in, his Grim Reaper form. While in his Grim Reaper form, Necro has no legs, instead his hip is attached to Dizzy's back where the wing itself lays, making it seem as if Necro cannot leave his host. He looks like a traditional Grim Reaper with a skull face, cloak, and a single wing, though his entire color scheme is of green hues. It is unknown if he can leave Dizzy's back. Necro uses energy scythes to attack, and in some of Dizzy's regular attacks he attacks with an axe or hammer with viking motifs. In Dizzy's specials that involve him, he fires golden arrows with a longbow.



  • After winning Necro will be shown using his cloak/wing to cover Dizzy to stop her from seeing her fallen enemy, or as a way of saying "stay away", showing that he does care for Dizzy in some fashion.


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