Cities of Outworld

Outworld is a realm from Mortal Kombat series.

About OutworldEdit

Outworld's known history goes back millions of years and points at Onaga the Dragon King, as its first ruler. Though he would eventually be supplanted by Shao Kahn, they both shared the same visions of expanding Outworld by taking other realms by force. Unwittingly, both were being controlled by the echoes of the One Being. Outworld is an empire that stretches out over numerous realms which have been magically annexed. Despite the despotism both emperors have displayed, Outworld is in a constant state of turmoil, more so under Shao Kahn than it was under Onaga. Outworld is a large realm of varying landscapes. Outworld's primary landscapes appear to consist of barren, purple wastelands, deserts, pools of acid, dense forests with animated faces, and high, mysterious mountain peaks. Small villages are scattered throughout the landscape, and like Edenia, the realm teems with magic. Beyond the imperial palace, the great temple of the Dragon King and the city of Lei Chen, no real metropolises have been seen in the series. Outworld also houses a brewery, specializing in creating 'Outworld Wine,' popularly drank by master Bo' Rai Cho. It's often rumored amongst many Outworld inhabitants that Earthrealm's rice wine 'puts Outworld Wine to shame'. Commuters also ride the Dragonfly, said to be the fastest form of transportation across the vast expanses of Outworld, aside from sorcery and actual dragons. There are many of these flying transports, each with its own set of destinations.





  • Armory
  • Blood Stone Mines
  • Cobalt Mines of Shokan
  • Dragon Mountain
  • Dragon King's Temple
  • Falling Cliffs
  • Golden Desert
  • Hell's Foundry
  • Kuatan Palace
  • Lei Chen
  • Living Forest
  • Lost Bridge
  • Lost Tomb
  • Lower Mines
  • Lumber Mill
  • Makeba
  • Outworld Spire
  • Portal
  • Quan Chi's Fortress
  • Sea of Blood
  • Shao Kahn's Fortress
  • Soul Tombs
  • Sun Do
  • Wasteland of Outworld


  • According to the contact page on Midway Games' website, there is a Midway office in Outworld (though not listed with the other offices, it is included in a montage of pictures depicting cities which are home to a Midway studio or office).
  • Outworld is nearly always depicted as being almost uniformly purple in color.