The Shin Shoryuken (真・昇龍拳, "True Rising Dragon Fist") is a special attack that made its debut in the Street Fighter Alpha series as one of Ryu's Super Combos. The move was taught to him by Gouken, who uses it as an Ultra Combo in the Street Fighter IV series, though it was previously implied in the Street Fighter Alpha series to have been discovered by Ryu on his own.


The attack itself is the manifestation of its namesake, the "true" technique of the Shoryuken. The user strikes the opponent very hard in the midsection (via elbow or punch), and then performs a high-damage Shoryuken. This requires the utmost focus and temperament to perform correctly. If the user misses the initial mid-section attack, however, they will just perform a Shoryuken which has multiple hits and acts as a failsafe; it is capable of hitting the opponent should they jump away to avoid the attack.



  • Asura from Asura's Wrath uses this move in his fight against Augus.
  • Yuri Sakazaki of the Art of Fighting and King of Fighters series parodies this technique in the form of her Shin! Chou Uppaa! (True! Super Upper!) move.

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