Project Soul




Namco (Namco Bandai Games)

First Game

Soul Blade (1996)




Arcade, PlayStation, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, Wii, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable

The Soul series (ソウルシリーズ Sōru shirīzu) is a weapon-based historical fantasy, fighting game series by Namco (later Namco Bandai Games). There are seven installments of the video game and various media spin-offs, including music albums and a series of manga books. Originally released as an arcade game, and later ported to video game consoles, more recent versions have been released for consoles only and have evolved to include online playing modes.

The central motif of the series are mythical swords, the evil weapon called 'Soul Edge' and the subsequent sword used to oppose this evil, 'Soul Calibur'. While the game has developed during its various iterations, some of the characters and elements of the game have remained consistent throughout the series.


  • Soul Blade (1996-1997)- Arcade, PlayStation
  • Soul Calibur (1998-2008)- Arcade, Dreamcast, XBOX Live Arcade
  • Soul Calibur II (2002-2003)- Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation 2, XBOX
    • Soul Calibur II HD Online (2013)- PlayStation Network, XBOX Live
  • Soul Calibur III (2005)- Arcade, PlayStation 2
  • Soul Calibur IV (2008)- PlayStation 3, XBOX 360
    • Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny (2009)- PlayStation Portable
  • Soul Calibur V (2012)- PlayStation 3, XBOX 360


  • Soulcalibur Legends (2007-2008)- Wii
  • Soulcalibur: Unbreakable Soul (2014)- iOS
  • Soul Calibur: Lost Swords (2013-2014)- PlayStation Network


  • Namco X Capcom (2005)- PlayStation 2 (made by Namco, developed by Monolith Soft)

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