Take-Mikazuchi (タケミカヅチ) is a recurring demon from the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series.


Born from the blood on the sword of Izanagi when he slew the newborn fire god, Kagutsuchi. When Amatsu decided to increase their influence on the earth, they asked that Take-Mikazuchi, along with his brother, Futsunushi, descend from the High Plain of Heaven in order to pacify the deities of Izumo. The last of these, O-Kuni-Nushi, was compelled to surrender, but his son, Take-Minakata, would hear nothing of it. Twirling a boulder on his fingertips to frighten his foe, he challenged Take-Mikazuchi to a test of strength. They had the first sumo match, in which Take-Mikazuchi won by crushing the arms of Take-Minakata "like a young reed," casting them aside. Take-Minakata fled to Lake Suwa, where he married the Suwa goddess Yasakatome and became the guardian god.


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