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Totino's and Jeno's are brands of frozen pizza products owned by General Mills.

This is a sponsor for WWE 2K14 in Exhibition Mode whether you compete on Raw or SmackDown.

Product LinesEdit

  • Totino's Big Party Pizza: Cheese, Pepperoni
  • Totino's Party Pizza: Canadian Style Bacon, Cheese, Classic Pepperoni, Triple Pepperoni, Combination, Hamburger, Pepperoni, Pepperoni Trio, Sausage, Supreme, Three Cheese, Three Meat
  • Totino's Family Size Pizza: Pepperoni, Cheese, Combination, Sausage
  • Totino's Pizza Rolls Snacks: Cheese, Cheesy Taco, Combination, Pepperoni, Pepperoni Trio, Sausage, Supreme, Triple Cheese, Triple Meat, Nacho Cheese, Buffalo Chicken
  • Totino's Pizza Stuffers: Pepperoni, Cheese, Combination
  • Totino's Pizza Chips: Pepperoni
  • Jeno's Crisp 'N Tasty Pizza: Pepperoni, Cheese, Combination, Supreme

Health and nutrition issuesEdit

On November 1, 2007, Totino's and Jeno's brand pizza were recalled for E. coli contamination.

Totino's products contain cheese substitutes made with hydrogenated oil. Totino's products have been criticized for their high amount of trans fat and sodium. In 2011, Consumer Reports rated Totino's as "only fair for nutrition" because of "high total fat and trans fat and low fiber."

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