Name Trigon
Height Varible
Weight Varible
Homeworld Hell
Race Demon
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color White
Weapon(s) Sorcery
Power Staff
Debut New Teen Titans #5
Voiced by Keith Szarabajka (Teen Titans; Season 1)

Kevin Michael Richardson (Teen Titans; Season 4, New Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!)
Khary Payton (Injustice: Gods Among Us)

Trigon is the dangerous demon from the Netherworld from DC Universe. He is a supervillain and father to Raven.


Trigon is a powerful demon lord and enemy to the Teen Titans, existing in the Azarath dimension. He is worshipped by the Church of Blood and their leader Brother Blood. His daughter is Raven, born from his union with the human woman Arella.


Trigon is a massive red-skinned demon with four eyes and antler like horns jutting from his forehead. His long hair and beard are white and he only wears dark arm bands and black pants. In Scorpion's ending, Trigon appears with long black hair and no beard.

Connection with video gamesEdit

His first video game appearance is DC Universe Online, where he and his forces find their way to Earth and end up attacking Metropolis' Tomorrow District. He even takes control of Raven in a plot to destroy the city and captures the other Titan members Cyborg, Starfire, Nightwing and Donna Troy while corrupting them. When the players free the possessed Titans, Trigon's hold on Raven gets stronger, causing the players and the Titans to split up to find Raven. With help from Zatanna, the players end up heading into the portal to Raven's soul self where Trigon uses Raven's possessed spirit to attack the players. After helping Raven fight the last Possessed Raven Spirit, Trigon's evil escapes to Earth. While being brought into Earth by Brother Blood, Trigon then sends his demon minions to corrupt the citizens based on some of the Seven Deadly Sins. Brother Blood's plans to bring Trigon to Earth were thwarted by the players and the Sentinels of Magic. He is served by Demons, Embodiments of Sin, Soul Reavers, Soul Screams, Soul Shadows, Soul Strikers, Possessed Students, and Volatile Succubi. Alternately if you choose the Villain morality, you can help Brother Blood by entering Raven's psyche and destroying her resistance to Trigon which causes him to be unleashed through Raven.

In Injustice: Gods Among Us, he appears where he assist Raven in her super move. During Wonder Woman's fight with the alternate Raven, it is mentioned that the alternate Superman's victory will hasten Trigon's return. Trigon also fights against her in the S.T.A.R. Labs missions. In addition to these, Trigon also makes an appearance in Scorpion's ending of classic battle where he had summoned Scorpion to the DC Universe.



DC Universe OnlineEdit

Injustice: Gods Among UsEdit

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