Franchise Guilty Gear
Debut Guilty Gear X
Type System/Guardian

Undine is one of Dizzy's two sentient wings. The other is Necro.


Normally, Undine is a simple light blue wing upon Dizzy's back, but she can shapeshift into various other forms, one of them is the form most recognize her in, her Angel form. While in her Angel form, Undine has no legs, instead her hip is attached to Dizzy's back where the wing itself lays, making it seem as if Undine cannot leave her host. She looks like a traditional Angel, with long flowing hair, a long flowing cloak, and a single wing, though her entire color scheme is of light blue hues. Undine can create ice chunks to attack, and she is able to summon electric blades and piranhas made of ice. It is unknown if she can leave Dizzy's back.


  • Undine and Necro can be seen distracting Dizzy during some attacks that Necro performs on Dizzy's behalf to spare her the discomfort of witnessing Necro's brutalizations. For example, during her Dust attack, Necro will reach over to Dizzy's other side and tap her shoulder, causing her to look at Undine while Necro hits the enemy with an uppercut; Dizzy is only able to see the foe flying in the air.
  • Undine and Necro do not appear to get along very well. In some taunts, for example, they can be seen bickering with each other.
  • After winning, Undine will be shown catching a worn out Dizzy with a gentle smile on her face.

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