Yuri Sakazaki
Name Yuri Sakazaki
Height 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight 117 lbs (53 kg)
Homeworld JAPA0001 Japan (but she doesn't really remember it very well)
Race Human
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Weapon(s) Karate
Debut Art of Fighting
English Voice Actor Amy Walls (KOF: Maximum Impact series)

Veronica Taylor (Art of Fighting anime)

Japanese Voice Actor Harumi Ikoma (Art of Fighting)

Kaori Horie (Art of Fighting 2~present)

Yuri Sakazaki is a playable character from the Art of Fighting series. She is also known as the damsel of distress. Since then, she has appeared in many SNK fighting games, alongside her older brother, Ryo Sakazaki. She is the first female practitioner of Kyokugenryu Karate. In the character popularity poll on Neo Geo Freak's website, she was voted as the nineteenth favorite character with a total of 726 votes.


The Legacy of Yuri SakazakiEdit

  • Art of Fighting 2 (1994)
  • The King of Fighters '94 (1994)
  • The King of Fighters '95 (1995)
  • The King of Fighters '96 (1996)
  • The King of Fighters '97 (1997)
  • The King of Fighters '98 (1998)
    • The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match (1998)
  • The King of Fighters: Kyo (1998-2007)
  • The King of Fighters R-2
  • The King of Fighters '99 (1999)
  • SNK Gals' Fighters (2000)
  • The King of Fighters 2000 (2000)
  • The King of Fighters 2001 (2001)
  • The King of Fighters 2002 (2002)
  • The King of Fighters EX2
  • The King of Fighters 2003 (2003)
  • The King of Fighters: Neowave (2004)
  • KOF: Maximum Impact 2 (2006)
  • The King of Fighters XI (2007)
  • KOF Maximum Impact Regulation "A" (2007)
  • The King of Fighters XIII (2010-2011)


Yuri Sakazaki is a friendly young girl who always cares about her family and friends. She is a strong believer of innovation and trends, constantly finding ways to improve herself through change. She is often arguing with her father and Ryo over matters regarding her newly found sense of independence.

In the Art of Fighting series, it is heavily implied that she has a romantic interest in Robert after her kidnapping. As of Art of Fighting 3, she is confirmed to be in a relationship with Robert. Thought still present to a certain degree, this attraction and relationship is downplayed in the King of Fighters series.

Theme SongEdit

Along with Mai Shiranui and King, her theme is "Who is Queen?" from The King of Fighters XIII.







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